bird bio

Erin Straine, owner U hOO BirdsU hOO is the fabulously kitchy, perfectly colorful clothing and accessories brand created by creative designer and “Classic Bird Extrodinaire” Erin Straine.

Taking her inspiration from every girl’s desire to be bold and crazy, her creations are one of a kind beautifully crafted pieces mixed with a little pinch of Erin’s off- beat flare.

Using rich bold fabrics and soft creamy leathers U Erin Straine - U hOO BirdshOO masters the ability to take sophisticated chic to rocker-glam street.

U hOO prides itself as an all-American brand where every handbag and garment are made here in the United States right in New York City’s Fashion District.

So Erin says Welcome fellow “Pretties” and Please Keep Bird Watching….

Dare to be Beautiful. Be a Bird.