This has been a long time coming. Many trials and errors along the way but I feel I am finally moving in the right direction. For those who may not know me my name is Erin Straine. Creator of U hOO. Mom of three. Lover of great music , strong laughter and a superb meal with an awesome bottle of wine. I dig my friends and can’t live without my family as crazy and distinct as they all are. In my downtime I design handbags. I love an extra special accessory. They can turn a pair of mom sweatpants into the hippest jumpsuit the world has ever seen. I create these little wonders for women who remember what its like to be a girl. We forget sometimes. Life can do that often. There is nothing better then to grab that special bag, you know the one… The one that made you feel like the prettiest girl in the whole room. A flash of decadent hot pink with a sleek leather handle. A buttery combination that made you feel like splashing on your favorite vanilla lip gloss and dancing until the wee hours. Yep. I remember the one. So special. So fantastically fun. Whew. I’m back. Hope you left with me for awhile. Well pretty birdies I gotta go but do me a favor come back often and Keep Birdwatching!!! Lots of fun things are going to be happening. See ya soon…


3 thoughts on ““Tweet-Tweet!”

  1. I love , love ,love my leather bag. I am never without it. I have been carrying it for over a year and it looks the same as the day I got it.

  2. I have the Fiesta Tote. I am always receiving compliments on my bag and “how do I get it?” questions every time I carry the bag. It’s my perfect city bag fitting all my things (including diapers!) So happy to hear you are opening a retail store!

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